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Coming back from Edith Duly last week, feeling grumpy as we had no water, no power, no phones, no fuel and no money ......... I saw in front of me, a man walking down the Fife Street carrying a giant wooden cross on his back !!

He was walking from Mutare to Plumtree carrying his cross because "God had called him to walk." The sign on the back of the cross said "Heal our Land Oh Lord"

I was terrified to take a photo as I have been through that before ! But I stopped and spoke to him, a large curious crowd also gathered around us.

His name is Roy Perkins, born in Zambia, he had lived in Zimbabwe for most of his life, and now working at Maforga Christian Mission in Mozambique.

Realising that God had a task for him, he spent all of October in prayer and fasting, and it was God who called him 2 weeks before Christmas, to walk for the Lord.

He vowed to walk from Mutare to Plumtree and from Beitbridge to Chirundu.... ..

He says he will do anything for the Lord, and walking thousands of Kilometres is but a small thing to do.

While fasting his Bible fell open at a chapter in Thessalonians and the scripture read "

" Furthermore then we beseech you, brethren, and exhort you by the Lord Jesus, that as ye have received of us how ye ought to walk and to please God, so ye would abound more and more."

Roy says as he walks he gets stronger and stronger , so does his faith and so does his conviction that prayer will make things come right in Zimbabwe. He admits that his shoulders get sore and so do his feet !

The front of the cross has the scripture "If my people will humble themselves, pray and seek my faces "One Chronicles Chapter 7 Verse 14."

The cross was cut from his garden, it is a Cidrella tree, he says it is not heavy.

I asked him to stop and have a drink with me, and we went to Sisters in Haddon and Sly.

He parked his cross carefully against a lamp post ...... and drank two glasses of fresh orange very thirstily !!

Roy Perkins - Missionary extraordinary - a man with an infallible faith in prayer, such an unassuming man. He has no one with him, he walks with his crate towed behind the cross, bearing his rolled up mattress and a blanket. He relies on people stopping out of curiosity and stays the night usually in farm houses along the road.

Not at all worried about his being hassled by the police, he says in Bulawayo they are different to the Harare police...... .. They wave him on his way with good wishes.

Outside Harare he was stopped by the police and questioned as to why he was doing his lonely walk so close to the election....

Roy told them that they should be grateful that he was praying for them, because things are so tense n Zimbabwe, without prayer it could all turn into a nasty bloodbath as has Kenya !!

He says a number of people have been inspired to walk a few kms with him and that he is never lonely as many many people have befriended him along the road.

Roy plans to have completed his walking vigil by mid March.

His e mail address is royandtrish@ uk

My faith has been rekindled and my soul restored !!

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