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Women on the other hand, are such amazing creatures, I have just spent two weeks with my sister in law in Oz. She has three sproggets and can deal with questions from all three at once, all the while cooking, ironing, helping with homework, skyping and watching cricket !!

But Men are so one track minded. I have given up even trying to converse with HeeHoo while he is on his computer, or watching telly, his brain has the ability to field all extraneous noise.

My questions go unheeded, my attempts at scintillating conversation fall on deaf ears. I have even tried asking "Do you want spit on toast or canary eyeballs for supper" but he is oblivious to my acerbic wit.

Its obviously a very common "guy thing" as all of my friends have the same problem.

Its strange though that these same quaint, alien creatures can so totally tune out their dear spouses, but can hear what we say clear from the other side of the room, if we are in deep illegal gossip with a girl friend !!

However when it comes to talking sport, they can hear every word.

If I want HeeHoo's undivided attention, I just mention the fall of wickets at the Ashes, or the latest Currie Cup rugby score, and he is all ears. It is as though the filters have dropped, the veil has lifted, I am suddenly a person after all !!

Now I have his undivided attention, I make hay while the sun shines .

I cunningly talk sport in a most animated fashion, making sure that I know my stuff, and then I quietly and adroitly slip in a wifely type question, and if I am lucky, very lucky, if I can catch him off guard, I might just get my question answered !!!

Oooh its exciting being a woman, manipulating the macho world, one step at a time ..........