NO CAMERAS ON THE FORECOURT PLEASE !!          - 23/11/2010      <--Prev : Next-->

SheHoo Must Run needed wrist surgery this week in Oz, so Mum turned Florence Nightingale and headed south bearing the appropriate balms, ointments and liniments !!

Funny she should require wrist surgery when its her feet that have taken the most strain in her life. Five Comrades Marathons, many triathlons, a Rottnest Island Solo Swim, and thousands footsteps later, one would have expected ankle problems not wrist problems !!

The Australian medical system is rather nice and civilized but SheHoo still needed a bit of coddling from Mum, including driving her car, so I girded my loins and took to the busy Aussi highways like a real pro !!

It was only when we got to a service station or "servo" as they say in Aus, that the trouble started !! In jest I decided to take a photo of Little SheHoo, looking like a cat walk model, dextrously administering fuel to the vehicle. Brought up in Zimbabwe, our offspring were not accustomed to this grueling task and it deserved a Kodak Moment ... Well, my frivolous action was not favorably received on the forecourt !!

A busy little man rushed at me, remonstrating furiously, gesticulating at the "no cellphones" sign displayed on the pump. To my consternation, cameras, he advised sternly, were also banned on forecourts!!!! Did you know that ?

I felt like I had been busted by the CIO for taking photos of WOZA marches !! Tail tucked firmly between our legs, we blushingly exited the service station and headed for Google who knew nothing of this "crime".

Heavens to Betsy I get into trouble wherever I go it would appear !!