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New Year Resolutions

I clearly remember driving down my very own road in my car as I have done thousands of times over the past years. As the jacaranda trees whizzed by, my thoughts were a blur too, it was New Years Eve and in the back of my mind I knew I had to formulate some meaningful resolutions. These ones that I had to stick to no matter what (at least past the end of January which is all that I have ever managed.)

Gym and walking were paramount, writing my book was essential, finding some gainful employment was imperative and learning to stand on my own two feet at last was pretty important too.

Every year for many years now I had promised to undertake these resolutions, but somehow I always have to wait for "when things return to normal" !!

It was that darn phrase that had held me back from being the superwife, supermum,and supergran that I knew I was one day destined to become !!

But things had not yet "returned to normal" and so making resolutions was fruitless was it not?

Suddenly I mentally slammed on the brakes as I realized I had been having the same conversation with myself on this same road for sixty something years.

I whispered to myself, 'Normal isn't coming.' I resolved in that moment to begin making small changes now rather than waiting for the perfect time later. Guess what? The perfect time doesn't exist. There will always be a complication, crisis, or what looks like a legitimate reason to wait. Start now or you may not ever start I said to myself, time is after all "running out" I am not twenty one anymore!!!

My ideal exercise plan had always consisted of an hour at the gym or walking every day. The reality? One some days it was nothing more than doing a few squats while I blow dried my hair (yes, that made the dogs and cats look at me funny.)

But over time those little changes added up and I began to gain momentum until a year later I realized in shock that I had after all met my goals.

I've heard runners remark that the hardest steps are the ones between your front door and the mailbox.

It's so easy to say, 'It's too hot' or 'I'm too tired.' Learning to pound the pavement through all the seasons of life is one of the most important aspects of becoming a runner. The same is true in all other areas of our lives as well.

When we limit change or even enjoyment in our lives to the times when everything falls into place just as we want, it's a bit like refusing to drive unless every stoplight we come across is green. There will always be discomfort to push through, setbacks to endure, mistakes to overcome.

Yet in looking back, those often become the most meaningful parts of our journey. That resistance along the way shapes who we are in ways we often don't expect and we're stronger for it in the end.

Life isn't ever normal.

Timing isn't ever perfect.

Conditions are never really right.

But one must get on with it anyway !!