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I am at a loss for words as to just how amazing the folk of Bulawayo are.

It just take a brief perusal of the events notices in the Morning mirror to realise how innovative, resilient and indeed brilliant our City is.

How many other towns the size of Bulawayo, given the pitiful economy, the daily disturbances of power, water and general hardships, can come up with the incredible plethora of activities to entertain us?

For example the inimitable Performing Arts Bulawayo - day after day, week after week, this incredibly energetic indeed indefatigable group of music and arts lovers, bring us a veritable litany of incredible events to keep us stimulated in all the artistic senses.

Then there are the many generous and spirited folk who rally together for a "cause". Bless them all for caring and bless them for their love for their fellow man.

How many hours have these fabulous people spent raising money for the less fortunate amongst us ? There will be a place in heaven for you all I am sure for your selflessness and devotion to our precious brethren. And in so doing you garner us all together with loads of fun and camaraderie.

The theatre ! Goodness me we all know how much a theatre suffers when money is hard to come by, but year after year, panto after panto, school play after school play, the show goes on.

Those dear red ageless velvet curtains are coerced into raising again and again to bring untold wonders to young and old alike. How special are the "Grannies nights" ? How worthwhile are the monies raised during gala nights for worthy causes? All the while the dreams and destinies that have been fulfilled and will in years to come, still be fulfilled by the dear old Bulawayo theatre and the fantastic stalwarts who somehow manage to keep her going through thick and thin.

Then there are the Bulawayo Balletomanes, they are of a special ilk, dedicated, driven, passionate about the dance and all that it brings to the world and especially to the countless Bulawegians who have made the world a better place with their extreme talents.

Now lets think about Alliance Francaise - to our adopted French visitors who do so much to bring joy and a wide diversity of special performances from all over the world - thank you for all you do for the community, thank you for the incredible array of theatrical and musical skills and talents you grace us with daily. We treasure you and your contribution so much.

From the arts to the sports, here indeed we are inundated with personalities who ensure that our bodies and minds benefit from every type of sport under the sun. From the hockey lovers, to the bikers, to the rugby enthusiasts, the soccer fraternity, the tennis and squash crazies (Don't laugh you should see their annual cabaret at the Country Club !)

We have a large martial arts contingent, and a giant gym set who thunder away at several gyms in the city morning and evening.

The schools certainly do their bit too, there is always a joyous day planned at one or other of the city schools where one can enjoy refreshingly privileged entertainment, sparked with joie de vivre as only our young and enthusiastic clean cut youngsters know how.

Now onto the horticultural set, Bulawayo has several outings organised regularly for those who love nature - floral art, the aloe club, the horticultural clubs etc. and we must not forget the History Society, The Museum Society, The Friends of the Railway Museum and the Matobo Conservation Society amongst many others.

With very little effort one can fill one's days wit non stop and fascinating excursions in and around Bulawayo accompanied by people who really "know their stuff!"

Aaah but I have not forgotten the fishermen amongst us I assure you. What a healthy life our youngsters lead, (and our oldsters too), there are many and varied fishing clubs ranging from the Wide Mouth Bass set to the Tiger Timers and during the months containing an "R" thousands of fishermen are striking with vigor or sitting tight-lined on some dam somewhere in Zimbabwe.

This week on Mother's Day alone there is an outing by steam train in a Garratt steam loco hauling wooden -paneled coaches. There are several fabulous Mothers Day buffets and dinners and weekends being advertised, there are Mother's Day gifts and pamperings galore too.

Every Bulawayo Mother will feel very special indeed this Mother's Day.

We have so many functions that there is even an e mail events calendar, run by a very enterprising young lady, to avoid event clashes. e mail Kirsty on kirstyfl@mweb.co.zw