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World Cup 2010 is nearly here.

HeeHoo and I are so excited, not because we are mad crazy soccer fans, but because special friends will be coming to South Africa and Zimbabwe who would probably not have come otherwise.

We have spent days planning itineraries, trying to use our RCI points, trying (unsuccessfully I might add) to use our SAA Voyager miles, it has been loads of fun.

Obtaining actual match tickets was difficult to say the least, we still have not had them confirmed, but it was indeed an exercise in frustration and determination. Fortunately HeeHoo has loads of those two qualities.......

And so off we go. We are visiting the Victoria Falls, Binga, Hwange, Pilanesburg Game Reserve, and the Kruger Park and we may, possibly even see a soccer game or two. I have my Vuvuzela, we even took a plethora of Vuvuzelas over to Texas last year for a Vuvuzela practice session !! It was only after the Highland Village Police arrived that we had to stop our Vuvuzela Jazz Session !!

The Joburg Highways are looking spectacular. The road works almost completed. The Gautrain looks set to run, the stadia are glorious, and the Ayoba Buzz is tremendous.

The 2010 slogan is "Ke Nako. Celebrate Africa's Humanity" and the little 2010 mascot is a dear little lion called Zakumi.

Soccer balls are all over the shops, everyone is wearing the Bafana Bafana strip, corporate offices, civil service offices and garages are all wearing official 2010 Friday garb and its all ....... with just 4 months to go till kick off.

So "come on over", we do not have lions in our back yards, but we can take you to see lions. We have a bad reputation as far as safety goes, but you have to be street wise in New York and London too you know, we have good food, beautiful sights, friendly people, and plenty of the all important necessary infrastructure.

We have great hotels and lodges, excellent communications and transport systems. Come on Over ...... and you will be back for more, I can promise you that.

written by Mags