OLYMPIC TWITTER FEVER          - 7/ 8/ 2012      <--Prev : Next-->

Why oh why did HeeHoo decide to take me to a remote mountain retreat during the Olympics I ask you with tears in my eyes?

Here we are dying to watch Kirsty and our six other Zimbabwean Olympic athletes and we have no telly or even radio!


Yes, we watched a whole week of the 2012 Olympics on Twitter.......

Its actually quite fun if you know your way around the twits and tweets and also if you have a few friends that are twits!

Kirsty Coventry, our very own Golden Girl was swimming at the time and the entire nation was behind her, so we "hash tagged' her on Twitter and every one of her races was there for us to follow virtually verbatim!

We also followed several of our neighbouring countries' athletes too and Africa was represented in an extraordinary fashion in many disciplines and can definitely hold its head up high.

Its actually quite fun being glued to a four by four inch screen, not quite the same as being glued to the telly, but crowding round an iPhone en masses was most jovial and illuminating.

It was easy to follow Kirsty as she was almost "trending" and if one was at a loss for a stroke-by- stroke description, one could look for tweets via many quarters including our esteemed Sports Minister David Coltart. His dedication to our Olympic team was truly remarkable and he tweeted regularly and with an infectious enthusiasm that had us all gripped with Olympic Fever.

Then of course there are the Twitter clowns and pundits- like Kevin McCallum - Chief Sportswriter for the Star in South Africa. Kevin has the most amazing wit and is swift to pick up every nuance, irony and subtlety in all things. Following him on Twitter has been an edifying experience.

It's amazing just how much spirit and enthusiasm one can garner from the tiny screen of an iPhone when one needs to. Pictures were painted for us by other people's tweets that were clever, evocative and wonderfully illustrative as we had mental visions of our young athletes as they extorted mind, body and will to "Be the Best".