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Its the noughts that completely bamboozle me !!

Yesterday we were using nine zeros and today we are on twelve zeros !!

Yes some folk in Zimbabwe are already trillionaires !! What comes after trillionaire is the question and the answer is quadrillionaire and then quintillionaire (I knew there was a reason that Miss Battis taught me Latin at Eveline School all those years ago......)

Although we are all deeply disappointed that the election re-run will not be taking place, it's really a good thing that Mr Tsvangirai has decided not to participate. The horrifying loss of life has been too awful to even comprehend and only God controls the destiny of this land ...

Thoughts go ahead to June 28 when the MDC would undoubtedly have won handsomely, but what then ?

Aristotle's saying that "every country gets the leaders it deserves" can be objectionable, insulting, despicable, even infuriating. But, is it true of Zimbabwe ? Yay or nay I would not like to be the leader who wakes up to Zimbabwe's economy on the day after the "election re-run" !!

Such sadness has enveloped our little country, such gloom interspersed with near hysteria at what lies ahead. The prices are what consume us these days even more than the politics. A loaf of bread three billion dollars !

Our largest bill is fifty billion dollars and a single chicken in the shop today was sixty billion dollars.

Heehoo is grey around the gills, like most businessmen he cannot afford to sell any stock at all, he cannot make any sales and yet has to meet a wage bill in the trillions... ...

In fact the banks have jammed up their computers completely for the past week as their computer software battles to cope with the zeros, either that or the banks just don't have any money ?????

Many businesses have closed their doors already in preparation for the anticipated "melt down"

Heehoo needs not worry though, he is such a competent businessman, he should easily get a job in South Africa as an economic advisor or for any other embattled country which needs "entrepreneurial" help, after all the shenanigans, chicanery and convoluted business methods most Zimbabweans have been forced to entertain over the past forty years !!

Lets think about a job description ?

"Slightly used grey haired Executive offers help to embattled economies. Let me deal with your ten thousand percent inflation problems ! Our software programmes can entertain eighteen digits easily.....

Let me care for your country's ailing economy, just let me tackle your beleaguered firm's problems !!

Barter deals a speciality, counter trade expertise offered, financial auctions done with ease and vast experience !

Long time but tired Survivor of forty years of unusual trade restrictions and relentless efforts to close down the economy !! Tried and tested methods employed throughout Sub Saharan Africa. "

Email HeeHoo on a beach somewhere please !!

God is in control I believe.