PATHOLOGICAL OPTIMISTS AND OTHER NICE PEOPLE          - 16/6/2008      <--Prev : Next-->


If anything at all comes out of the Zimbabwe re run "election" it will show the fact that the people in this country have Guts.....

There are so many people who have fought for justice and democracy for so long against the most amazing odds.

History will tell its tale, one day !

History will tell of the quiet folk who day by day work solidly, lovingly, steadfastly towards what is right, what is just, what is good and what will undoubtedly come about one day.

My favourite human rights campaigner was called a "Pathological Optimist" the other day and what an honour it has been to know this Man and his very Special Family.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, he and so many like him work towards a Zimbabwe that will serve all of its people fairly. A Zimbabwe that will return to it's rightful place of being "The Bread Basket of Africa"

No one will go short, everyone will be fed and clothed and have schooling, security, and health care.

How well we remember from 1980 when the number of schools in Zimbabwe leapt from a few hundred to a few thousand, and the clinics leapt from a handful to a whole heap more.

There was hope, vibrancy, peace and goodwill amongst all men in our beloved country. Our children sang with one voice, there was no thought of colour race or creed.

Surely with this might of prayer, this plethora of strength and passion, this vortex of good solid caring people, we can reach these dizzy heights again ?

That Bright Red Bus must have brought such hope to the hearts of the people who managed to see it before it was seized. How I wanted to hug that giant smiling brave man who has risked so much for our country and our people,

Zimbabwe has seen many heroes, lost many lives, broken many hearts and yet time and time again we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again (as the song goes)

We salute you all your brave men and women who have been fighting for freedom for so long. Now is not the time to mention names but chronicles are being written of your valour, your sacrifices, your love for freedom and liberty and for your fellow man.

God please will you look after them in the days ahead