The Era of change...

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We will indeed look back in history at 2020 and 2021. We pray is has an happier outcome than heretofore...

I wonder if it will be called the Auricle Year I mean no disrespect, I am one of the 'Auriclely Impaired Brigade' myself, but I have been having much more trouble with my ears, than in previous years..

It's those masks!! We are going to all end up like Bugs Bunny!! Giant elastic bands forcing our once delicate ears into prominence, messing with our hearing aids, tangling with our sunglasses. It's a nightmare. Look at anyone's ears Are they not more prominent than before Eat your heart out Dumbo!! (Now don't take exception, all of my articles are totally tongue in cheek, and hoping to bring a little light heartedness into our lives.)

But I would hate to read the Otoplasty statistics once covid is over!! These masks, they really are the pits, my feelings go to people who have to wear them all day every day. Some shops in the USA close for half an hour twice a day for sanitising and 'mask breaks'!!

They definitely make life more difficult.. how does one open a plastic bag in the veggie shop without the aid of a bit of spit (eeeew) Nose blowing is an art all unto itself, misty specs are no fun when thundering down the road.

But then, on the other hand, they are fabulous!! No time to apply make up Don a mask..lipstick at a low don a time for flossing don a mask..out of toothpaste don a mask..


Books to read this winter

Bulawayo has a number of authors, at a recent book review I attended there were no less than 11 published Bulawayo writers there!! This week I indulged my self and read 'Mulberry Dreams' by beautiful authoress Violette Kee Tui and 'Sunrising' by equally beautiful Susan Hubert.

Both were riveting and enchanting - must reads for anyone with African roots, and indeed for everyone who loves a really good novel!!

'Sunrising' is available on Amazon
and 'Mulberry Dreams' is available at the Orange Elephant in 12th Avenue Bulawayo.