Mafushwa Again

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At times Zimbabwe seems a bit glum, but there is one aspect one can never take away from our beautiful country, and that is the attitude of the folk in the Hospitality Industry.

Always charming, always willing, always smiling wherever one goes. From the mountains of Chimanimani to the depths of the Dete Vlei. From the Zambezi Valley to the verdant Matobo Hills, one always comes across the nicest people working in the lodges, hotels, airports and restaurants.

A fleeting stay at Sikumi Tree Lodge, the staff were fabulous in spite of everything. Beautifully attired in traditional black and white, smiling eyes behind tailored masks, nothing was too much trouble in spite of low occupation and quaint circumstances. Big Cave Camp in the Matobo Hills, enchanting as always, again, nothing was spared to make our demands and dreams come true. (It was his year's special Supermoon after all)

Visitors to Zimbabwe, you never need be scared to visit this country. All covid protocols observed here!! I have had my poor hands sanitised so many times, I have no skin left!! I have taken to offering to use my own sanitizer which is gentle and not harmful to the skin. Guidelines say we should use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Following that advice is essential, but "increased contact with irritants and allergens may increase the risk of hand dermatitis or 'eczema.' This commonly manifests on the skin with redness, dryness, cracks, and even blisters that cause itch or pain.
It's important to not overdo the sanitiser and to moisturise after every application.

Now our airports take covid protocols very seriously indeed.
I know Matabeleland is Cattle Country which could account for the Spray Race at the entrance to the Joshua Nkomo Airport!! Why did even I bother to try and blow dry my unruly locks. After an unexpected dousing by the 360 degree overhead Spray Race, something akin to walking in the Vic Falls Rain Forest, I was 'Mafushwa' all over again....

Not a germ survived, not a single bacteriological anything could possibly exist after that drenching, and then they happily and vigorously knapsack-sprayed my luggage!!

The sales on thermometers must have made some entrepreneurs happy, every shop, restaurant, business house has one and happily this pandemic provides employment for thousands of our countrymen.

We pray for the day when this crazy time is over and our people can take up worthwhile lives once again in Zimbabwe.

Sir Garfield Todd's estate donated silverware to Island Hospice & Healthcare. As a way of fundraising Island Hospice and Healthcare is selling the silverware which includes cutlery and assorted odd utensils. Price range from USD$3-USD$35. If interested please contact Island Hospice & Healthcare , Bulawayo Branch on 0292 77972/ 0712845003 or come in and view at 2 George Silundika cnr with Masotsha Ndlovu.

Was born in New Zealand on 13th July 1908
Studied theology
Moved to the then Southern Rhodesia in 1934 as a missionary
He ran Dadaya Mission school where the late President RG Mugabe was a teacher.
With no medical training he set up a clinic and delivered many babies and treated minor injuries.
He joined politics and won an election to the colonial parliament in 1948.
Was Minister of Finance on two occasions
Became Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia (1953-1958)
First Vice President of World Convention of Churches of Christ (1955-1960)
Was a champion for education for Africans-doubled numbers of primary schools also introduced secondary schools and pre-university courses
Legislated for multiracial trade unions
Lost power when his bill to increase the number of African eligible to vote was rejected.
Was placed under arrest twice by the Rhodesian government for speaking against white minority rule.
Received a medal from the Pope for peace and justice in 1973
Appointed to the Senate at Zimbabwean Independence in 1980.
Died in Bulawayo on 13th October 2002