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Even the purple profusion of the Jacarandas could not raise my spirits as we drove from the airport.

The golden Honeycombs of the Silver Birches, dripping with succulent honey, tried hard to tempt me our of my slough of despond, but failed.

It was only when I got home and walked out into my lush green garden, that my heart healed just a tiny bit - the beds were bursting with exuberance of amaryllis, calendula, roses, and begonias.

I was too late for the Namaqualand Daisies and the Wisteria, but my trusty gardener was kind enough to send me photos whilst I was away.

And so I healed slowly, bit by bit.

The rare yellow Clivia was extraordinary in its beauty, the amaryllis had outdone themselves, closeted in a harvest of stunning Crimson and Venetian red, with the odd stripy pink trumpets elbowing through.

The bees swarmed around the lavender bushes, spreading the soothing fragrance especially designed to sooth the soul, and the Burgundy Iceberg roses glared at me accusingly for not falling head over heels for them.

All this despair because I had to leave my brand new Grandchild in Atlanta, so very far away!!

She who Must Wear Kevlar sends a daily 'WhatsApp' video of Lincoln's newborn antics, and Granny and Grandpa play them over and over again their phones.

I remember distinctly being irritated by all my friends who had new Grandchildren, and they would supposedly 'entertain' me for hours with their 'Granny Brag Albums'.

Grrrrrr.... it was a monstrous thing to do to a Grandchildless couple!! But now we are as predictably besotted and also flash the latest photo much to the amusement of our friends!!

With modern technology one need not just have a couple of photos in a purse to show off, but one can produce 'iPhoto' with seven thousand photos of the Little Darling, including several lengthy videos.

Having bored me to tears with pictures of their grandchildren ad nauseam, its now my turn.

Hahhaha, revenge will be sweet!!


Thought you would like to know.

In Historic Trees of Zimbabwe tree number 52 is Morts Tree 10ks past Balabala.

It has been cut down with a chain saw. I have reported it to Forestry Commission, but no reply.
Garry Ainscough