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The Dete Vlei in winter is absolutely freezing but the sub zero temperatures certainly did not deter the 80 riders from all over Zimbabwe and even further afield, from jumping on their mountain bikes and riding 100 kilometers over two glorious days in the Hwange National Park.

Accompanied by very professional armed guards from the Zimbabwe National Parks, the Hwange Adventure "Pumping Legs for Water" took place at Hwange National Park over the weekend of 30 and 31 July. There was indeed a carnival atmosphere, the animals must have wondered at the buzz and pace of Main Camp this weekend! All of the chalets were full to bursting as was the Hwange Safari Lodge and it was glorious to see Main Camp just as it was in days gone by.

Everyone came to the party to provide an excellent weekend for this very worthy cause. Nearly 80 Riders ranging from six to seventy rode in invigorating condition on the first day to Ngweshla Picnic site, and to Dopi Pan on the second day. Riders were seriously tested by some heavy sand, some interesting corrugations, and virtually weaving in between the many animals that scuttled into the mopane scrub in curious amazement!

A kudu carcass was the first reminder to the riders of their real mission, right on the edge of the road ten km from Main Camp, the hyena pack melted into the long grass to allow the cyclists to pass ! Just before Ngweshla a pride of seven lions and lionesses were feasting on an elephant carcass, while droves of vultures waited patiently for their treat, and "nose a-quiver" the side striped jackals circled nervously. The ride is an annual event by Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe, Matabeleland Branch to raise funds to provide life giving water to the many pans and water points in Hwange National Park.

Thank you to you all who worked so hard to make this such a worthy event ! Please support WEZ - Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe - zimwild@mweb.co.zw and Friends of Hwange - www.friendsofhwange.org