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I use the term "pathological optimist" with the utmost warmth, respect and admiration.

David Coltart refers to himself as a pathological optimist too, although always with that wry, lop-sided smile.

Still very much alive and kicking, and ready for his next challenge, is the Honourable Senator David Coltart - Minister of Sports, Arts, Education and Culture, lawyer, human rights activist, Christian Leader, founding member of MDC, Member of Parliament and Member of the House of Assembly.

David Coltart - Devoted husband and father and friend. Friend to millions of Zimbabweans who have followed him, watched him, listened to him and loved him.

Mr Coltart "lost" his seat narrowly in the 2013 Zimbabwean "elections" along with many worthy candidates, and hundreds of thousands of people in his constituency and indeed in the entire world, were absolutely gutted.

Countless Zimbabweans home and abroad, will always remember David as having represented his country with great integrity and pride and he has left a fine legacy that will be in place for a very long time.

Rick, Robyn and my own memories of David include so many that were fun, so many that were extraordinarily traumatic, tense and frightening and so many that were supportive and encouraging.

I will always treasure the sight of David, meandering along the road outside our home, hat and sunglasses in place, running shoes afoot, putting himself in danger to see that our family was safe, after my spell in Sauerstown Police Station.

David Coltart has assured us all, that having been in this struggle for 30 years to bring democracy to Zimbabwe, he is not going to end that now. This long, hard struggle to bring freedom, transparency, decency, tolerance and democracy to Zimbabwe has been dealt a major set back this past week, but his determination to work towards achieving that vision for our beloved Zimbabwe, is undiminished.

This is the perennial hope and determination that he takes into Zimbabwe's future.

We salute you David Coltart, for your strength, integrity, courage and determination against amazing odds.

"The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just"- Abraham Lincoln