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"Shehoo Must Sing" and I are designing a new range of "winter prison wear" for Zimbabweans. .....

Half of the population has already been incarcerated for various spurious reasons and the other half looks destined for the same treatment, so we thought a few hints on how to "dress during detention" would go down really well ..... if you are interested in viewing our range do let me know !!

While still on the prison theme, one of the most humbling experiences in my life was being with my 20 cell mates when they began to pray during one of the long interminable mornings.

One lady would start a prayer and talk unabated for a long time, and when she had finished one of the others would take up prayer duty, and they were all kind enough to speak in English so that I could understand what they were saying. Prayer is universal all over the world but their prayers were different in many ways...

Not once did they ask God for anything ! They thanked Him copiously for their simple blessings, for their families, their children, their meagre homes and belongings, they thanked Him in fact for everything they had, which believe me, was not very much, and as I said ... never once asked Him for anything...

How sad I feel for my Countrymen these cold winter days, for those who spend time in prison for nothing at all, for those who live on pavements or in ditches, for those activists who are running for their very lives, for who have been hurt or maimed or killed.

Across the Border, where millions have fled for safety and employment, life is just as tough, since the Xenophobia attacks began earlier this month.

Totally incapable of staying out of trouble, last week while we were in Johannesburg SheHoo Must Sing and I went with our Bodyguard Adam aka "Heehoo Must Tease" - to visit Alexandra and Ramaposa townships.

We were actually chasing down Morgan Tsvangirai who was visiting the Xenophobic trouble spots and being blond we did not think there might be problem with two blonds in a Zim registered car !!

The cops soon spotted us and guided us to the safety of a nearby refugee camp in a church where hundreds of displaced "foreigners" were being housed and fed, very reminiscent of Murambatsvina in our own country....

Now our Bodyguard is fluent in Ndebele and pretty soon we were surrounded by dozens of Zimbabweans with their own particular sad horrendous tales. The BodyGuard's Mum got out her little black book and in no time at all we had pages of names of Zimbabweans, living ...... nay...existing in Johannesburg, but with abounding trades and talents that need to be publicised.

Most of these folk were degreed having qualified as doctors, accountants, chemists and lawyers, but because of visa and work permit problems were reduced to working as labourers to make ends meet.

If you need a good carpenter, painter, brick layer, domestic worker, seamstress, electrician , motor mechanic, sales rep or anybody honest and hard working, I have numerous names and phone numbers. e mail me on magskriel@mac. com