Things to do for fun in Zimbabwe

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Drive along the roads, especially roads filled with jacaranda trees, open your window and listen to the jacaranda flower pods popping under the car tyres !!

Go shopping and compare prices in the various shops, if you really try you can find some old stock somewhere at a ridiculously low price and really get a kick out of it.

Head off down to the "bend over bazaar" outside the revenue hall and ask to try on something. But wear your passion killer knickers cos the change rooms are interesting and different !!

Get up early and wash your hair, dry it before zesa switches off the electricity. Then stand at the window and yell loudly "sucks to you zesa !!!"

Wake up early and count the number of bird calls you can hear in your garden just before dawn. Listen for the heuglins robyn, the currichane thrush, the coucal, the tropical bou bou, the bronze Mannikens and the crested barbet and the go away birds.

When you are struggling to cook supper during power cut, over that small gas stove, listen for the call of the brown hooded kingfisher as he cackles good night to you.

Stand outside at sunset and see the magnificent sight of the glorious pink and orange syk against the purple of the jacaranda blossoms.

Take your bikes out to the Matopos and ride aound the circular drive. Without the sound of a car engine and in the immense quiet of the great grey granite boulders you will see an amazing amount of game.
Take care you do not bump into a rhino around the next bend !

Join in the fun of some of the amazing activities that are occurring in Zimbabwe.

Watchdog !!


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