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Is it the water Is it the dry air from Botswana What is it that makes our tiny little city so tremendously endowed with ballet talent We have produced thousands of excellent ballet dancers over the last century and we continue to produce them.

The Wizard of Oz Ballet that enraptured audiences this week was absolutely sensational. The Director - Michelle Macmillan, herself a renowned ballerina, and hailing from Bulawayo's Ballet Royal Family, can indeed be described as a true impresario.

The Ballet was mesmerizing, I dragged HeeHoo, kicking and screaming, and promised to get seats in the back row in case he nodded off ! But he thoroughly enjoyed it! The costumes were fabulous and that amazing lady Cynthia Pretorius prepared backdrops and scenery that was truly magical.

Bulawayo's dance academies certainly shone in this show and we also have some amazing talent in the hip- hop genre too!

Thank you for an enthralling ninety minutes of sheer joy.