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Christmas In Bulawayo.          - 17/12/2014      <--Prev : Next-->

I am always totally amazed at just how resilient and entrepreneurial our Bulawayo folk are.

Nothing gets them down, rain, shine, heat, cold, storms, politics, it all goes right over their heads as they 'make a plan'.

Christmas in Bulawayo is so special. We don't have any Hamleys or Harrods shop windows to gaze at, most of us struggle daily to keep the wolf from the door but when it comes to joyous occasions, we are second to none.

The City has been abuzz with the Youth Games, wonderful events occurring all over the city, police cars and buses racing around to get the athletes 'safely' to the venues. Blaring sirens are new to Bulawayo where we are safely away from the politics of the capital, so much tut tutting has been heard.

Zimbabwe acquitted itself very well in these games, I might add!

Our university students are home, glorious young people filled with brains and beauty, livening up the coffee shops and wine bars.

But it is the Christmas events that have been so incredible.

The first event was a 'Light a Light for Hospice' at Zonke Izizwe Shopping Centre. Candles were purchased and lit in memory of loved ones, amidst a delightful coral rendition from the Girls' College Choir and Orchestra. Father Christmas was in attendance and there were gift stalls and food stalls.

The Queen Mary fete was held where there were multi-tudinous stalls selling exciting Christmas goodies, and mince pies were selling literally like 'hot cakes'.

Pembroke Place will also be holding a Christmas Light Up on 22 December, Father Christmas will be there again, and Eskies Caravan will be there with delicious ice creams for the young and not so young.

A Christmas Bazaar will be held Saturday the 20th of December 2014 at ex falcon village 49 Plumtree Road Belmont.
Santa will be there ready to spread Christmas joy to our Bulawayo kids, creating lasting memories with instant photos and lucky dips.
A jumping castle and face painting will also be available to keep our kiddies entertained while you shop till you drop.

Antonia Lambert Porter crowned herself and her cast with glory with the musical Christmas Show - Beauty and the Beast. Well done to all concerned, it was absolutely charming.

And then of course, the cherry on the top of the Christmas tree - Carols by Candlelight at the Amphitheater in the park. Sponsored by Rotary annually, it is always guaranteed to rain on that evening.

Featuring of course the absolute favorite lighted candles, with little cardboard holders to make magic for the kiddies, and a 300 strong choir from the indefatigable Zimbabwe Academy of Music. All the favorite traditional carols were sung and there was marvelous orchestral and nativity involvement- this wonderful Christmas event is so special to all of us Bulawegians.

The Centenary Park had its festive Christmas light bulbs replaced down Selborne Avenue (or rather Leopold Takawira) and all's right with the world this Christmas!!

The Editor of Morning Mirror wishes all readers, peace, love, joy and happiness this Christmas and everything you wish for yourself in the New Year.
May the magic and the wonder of Christmas stay with you throughout the coming year.

The MM is definitely our tourist magazine.
Nudging us to return annually, spend some dollars in the economy, reminisce and relax.

Rands destined for Cape Town, or the Kruger, re-allocated to Bullies. Why - MM arrived in our in box!

MM with her soft chants about the magma of Matopos.

The Jacaranda edition.
Tar-melting October. Redolent of lilac blooms, and popping sounds as cars move through Suburbs.

Bragging rights edition.
Flamboyants - best in the country. Sprays of blood red flowers fill our minds. Who am I to resist

Centenary Park fountain, up and running, with emerald grass, in a little patch, but a start nonetheless.

Yes, definitely a tourist mag. How fortunate is Bulawayo. A dearly loved town. May it continue in its quiet determined way.

To all those involved in producing the MM - have a Blessed Christmas surrounded by the people you love.

Annetta Holmes