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Method 2.
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You'll receive a "Join request for MorningMirror" email, open it and click "Reply" then "Send".
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Frequently Asked Questions

25/11/2020 Yahoo-Groups newsletter distribution system will be closing down on the 15th Dec 2020. We will automatically transfer all subscribers that are in Yahoo-Groups to Tinyletter on 1/12/2020. If this affects you, your next Bulawayo Morning Mirror 907 may be delivered to your Spam/Junk inbox. Depending on your email system, you may have to click your "This is not spam" button or add the "Sender" ( to your trusted contacts.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Yahoo for 18years of free use of their Yahoo-Groups newsletter distribution system.

Q. How do I stop receiving the Morning Mirror Newsletter?
  • A. If you are registered with Google-Groups, to Unsubscribe, send a blank email to:-
    Within an hour you will receive a confirmation email back (if not, check your Spam/Junk-mail). Open the email and click "Reply" then "Send".
    -or- Click the "Unsubscribe" option at the end of your new Morning Mirror Newsletter, and you will receive a confirmation email back. Open the email and click "Reply" then "Send".

    Q. I no longer receive my The Morning Mirror Newsletter?
    Internet service providers, e-mail services and IT departments all work hard to protect you from all horrible spam, yet this means sometimes e-mails you actually want get lost too. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you get the weekly Bulawayo Morning Mirror e-mail:
    • Your e-mail software
      Add the email address (Or "" if you are on our Tinyletter list) to your Address-book/Contacts/Safe-sender list. Outlook & Gmail users just need to click on your "Spam/Junk" Inbox, and move the "Bulawayo Morning Mirror" email to your "Inbox" or click "Not Spam" button - you will then always get the Bulawayo Morning Mirror email delivered to your "Inbox".
    • Your anti-spam software
      If you have anti spam software running on your machine such as Norton or Spam Assassin, add our e-mail address (Or "" if you are on our Tinyletter list) to the safe sender list.
    • Your IT Department or ISP (Internet Service Provider)
      If you are still struggling, the chances are your IT department or your ISP is blocking our email before it even gets near your machine. Please advise your ISP and IT department to allow e-mails to come through to you from (Or "" if you are on our Tinyletter list) This is called 'whitelisting'.
    • If all else fails, Gmail and Outlook offer free email addresses; or, instead of receiving your Newsletter from Google-Groups, you may want to sign-up to receive it from the above Mailchimp.

    Q. Exactly how do I Subscribe to receive the Bulawayo Morning Mirror Newsletter?
    We use a tiny part of the automatic Google-Groups to distribute the Bulawayo Morning Mirror Newsletter around the world. As we do not use all the features in Google-Groups, the whole process of "Subscribing" below, only requires you to send/receive emails - you do not have to surf the internet to any website, and there is no need for you to have an account with Google (so if you are being asked for a user-name/password, then you are doing something wrong)..

    • To Subscribe to receive the Bulawayo Morning Mirror Newsletter, Send a blank email to:-
      You must leave the "+" in the above address.
      Just leave the Subject:- blank
      And leave the detail-box blank - ie. no need to write anything, you are just sending a blank email with your email address to a machine!

    • Within an hour you will receive an email back. If not, check your Spam/Junk-mail boxes for this email:-
      From :-    MorningMirror
      Subject:- "Join request for MorningMirror [{E33JXXX1GttlAwZZZ0}]"
      Detail:-    We received your request to join morningmirror.
                    In order for us to complete the request,
                    please reply to this email,
                    or click below: Join This Group...

    • ie. Once you have opened the above "Join request for MorningMirror", click your "Reply" and "Send" buttons. ie. Do NOT click "Join This Group" button which will ask you to sign-up to Google with usernames/passwords!

    • Finally, a few minutes later you will get an email back:-
      From :-    MorningMirror
      Subject:- You have joined the group
      Details:-  You are now a member of the morningmirror group.