Replaced by a Robot!!          - 13/9/2016      <--Prev : Next-->

Living in the first World while caring for my Newborn Grandson, I have been introduced to all sorts of domestic chores. Well it would appear I have been falling down on the vacuuming as HeeHoo has replaced me with his new Best Friend - Neato!!

'Smart, powerful, precise robotic cleaning' - thats what Neato offers according to the book!! Something I am obviously incapable of!!

Neato was immediately nicknamed 'Charlie' after a dear dear departed friend, and Neato is in fact, absolutely fabulous.

This Little Guy, the size of a chair top, trendy in metallic black, and he is almost human. HeeHoo, it would appear, is paying more attention to him, than to our new Grandchild!!

Neato is remarkably savvy, he knows not to go anywhere near stairs, he knows how to avoid chair and table legs, whilst at the same time cleaning them painstakingly.

However he has a voracious appetite for cords, especially iPhone chargers, dangling tantalizingly from an electrical outlet!!

He runs himself ragged, up and down and when he gets tired, and runs out of rechargable battery, he saves just enough energy to limp back to his charging station....

He can also advise you when his tummy is full or when he has become clogged with hair which is common in a houseful of long haired blonds!!

How easy life has become, now that I am redundant, I can sit, glass of wine in hand, and casually observe Neato, wending his merry away across the floor!! Its better than watching the telly anyday!!