A Gem of a Squash          - 8/6/2017      <--Prev : Next-->

It wasn't until I saw the giant pile of brilliant green gem squash in the shop that I realised that I was well and truly home!!

I have not managed to find a single Gem Squash in the USA and i am dying to introduce my Grandbaby to them, undoubtedly the king of vegetables!! Yum yum, boiled whole, cut in half, you can even eat the pips and the skin when they are young, dripping with butter - heavenly!!

It was an interesting trip to the shopping centre - I even drove on the correct side of the road the whole way without a falter....on the surface all looked normal, the shop was clean, plenty of produce, bright and inviting, until in two separate incidences, women asked me if they could use their 'swipe' cards for me in exchange for cash!!

It was only then that I realised how hard life had become yet again. There is no money in the banks!! Folk are limited to a withdrawal of twenty dollars a day and then only the first lucky few in the queue are fortunate enough to be given cash!!

Even if you have the magic 'swipe card' you are required to spend more than twenty dollars and not many Zimbabweans are lucky enough to have a daily budget of over twenty dollars.
Another unfamiliar sight in the first world was the exchange of empty glass bottles, empty bottles are now valuable currency in this country once again.

Upon departing the store I was faced with the sad plethora of vendors, car guards and beggars, there is one particular vendor who sells avocados, who has a death wish as far as I am concerned. He will just not accept no for an answer!! It doesn't matter how many times one says 'no thanks' firmly but politely, he persists until you become a raging madman and hurl abuse at him!! I think he delights in annoying potential customers to a point of murder!!

Today I am lying on my bed at the Elephant Hills Hotel, HeeHoo is involved with the CHISZ Heads Conference at the Victoria Falls. There are portly warthogs grazing on the manicured lawn outside my window, there is a monkey staring at me from the balustrade of the balcony, eying the sugar on the tea tray.

Nothing has changed. All is well with the world...