My marriage is under threat!!

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HeeHoo no longer brings me tea in the morning. My banal mutterings are met with a pregnant silence, we no longer have deep meaningful conversations..
Our whole world now revolves around his 'route planning'.

Yes indeed, route planning to get to and from the office!! It's a serious matter.......He prides himself on finding pothole free passage!!

Ploughing into a crevasse the other day was expensive, but his NDEs that I wrote about some time ago, have increased exponentially after the rains! NDEs are 'Near Death Experiences' by the way.

He used to know by heart, every pothole on his way to work, but two months
of gallivanting brought us back to harsh reality. There are more potholes than roads in many places!! But true to form HeeHoo has taken it in his stride and with his trusty Apple Maps is plotting 'pothole free safe routes'. Mind you it's not an onerous task, in Bulawayo nothing is far from anything, and unlike other countries we have lived in, getting too and from work takes no time at all. The road repairers have an unenviable job. No sooner do they repair one, like that pothole that stretched almost right across Phillips Drive near the Mater Dei, than another fifty appear to make driving a dangerous business.

Do you remember in SA some wag started a group on Whatsapp called 'Pig Spotters' It was to warn fellow motorists of police presence on the roads. I believe it stopped as it was unlawful, but how about a group in Zimbabwe called 'Pothole Spotters'

Now HEEHOO is planning a pothole free trip to Victoria Falls. Seems like the road between Bulawayo is in absolute ruins and is the talk of the town sadly. His latest scheme is to drive from Bulawayo to Francistown and then take the Kazangula highway to Chobe and the Victoria Falls via Nata!! The thought of not one but two border posts might be the deciding factor though!!

Anyhow, let him get on with his Michelin Map Quest, it certainly keeps him occupied!!


Monthly-Adult Bereavement/grief 'drop in' session: 28 February 2023

Bulawayo Island Hospice & Healthcare (Bereavement Service) is running a bereavement/grief 'drop-in' session on the 28th of February from 1 pm-2:30 pm. Session will take place at Island Hospice which is located at No. 2 G. Silundika & Masotsha Ndlovu.

The Group/Session is for anyone bereaved facing difficulties and/or finding it difficult to cope, re-enter everyday life. Gives room to hear and share with other bereaved. It is facilitated by Island Hospice & Healthcare.

The donation cost is USD$6 per person.

Registration call Dudu at IHH 0292277972 / 0712845003 or Ratidzo 0782067902

Rotary Club of Bulawayo South invites you to attend.
Dates: Friday 3 March - First Prelim
Friday 10 March - Second Prelim
Friday 17 March - FINALS
Time : 2.00 - 4.00 pm
Venue : Zimbabwe Academy of Music, next to ZITF
Entrance : Free

KGVI is looking for card offcuts, any size or shape for teaching our
deaf kids with a special method called Red Star. Its an excellent
teaching medium but does need a lot of card!

please contact Inez Hussey
Or phone 0772999343 Samantha

If you have old Zim notes I buy them!!
Millions, Billions and Trillions, if you have 50 and 100 trillion.
The prices are awesome inbox for more details or call 0773243100