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Matopos Dam is full

Our traditional early Sunday night was ruined this week as SheHoo Must Sing chose to indulge in a Super Bowl party as does virtually every American the world over.

You know its very selfish of the Americans to start the game so late in the afternoon, I mean are they even giving a single thought to football fans in the rest of the world?

Now if the Super Bowl kick off is at 18.25 Eastern Time, that means we in Africa have to stay up till one thirty on a Monday morning to watch !! AND we have to be at work at 7 am the same day !! The Super Bowl had not even ended by the time SheHoo was getting ready for work !!

Ah but it is such fun, 150 buffalo wings were purchased, vast quantities of beer (Budweiser of course) were put on ice, and we settled down to watch one of the most spectacular events on the worlds sporting calendar. The Super Bowl adverts are brand new each year and legendary in their brilliance and they have amazing superstars to entertain at half time. This year Christine Aguilera sang the USA national anthem, and she got the words wrong !!

This year the much feted playoff between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers (won by the Packers) was held at the brand spanking new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas.

The recent unusual heavy snow falls in Texas put some strain on the stadium as Texans are not used to a lot of snow, several people were hurt when tons of snow fell off the giant roof. The Super Bowl is the most watched TV show ever I believe, but oh my goodness it was a late late night for football fans in Africa !!