Totally Confused by Mother Nature

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What does Mother Nature have in store for us

It's June in Bulawayo and the shrubs are already sprouting, I normally only prune at the end of July before the new buds emerge but Mother N has beaten me to it...

The Roses Remember we always pruned them during 'Rhodes and Founders' but our roses got the chop this last weekend!! They were already putting forth their glorious new red shoots...

Winter in Bulawayo Hmmm not the winter with which we are familiar, vaguely cold early morning, boiling by midday and then only slightly chilly when the sun goes down. Maybe I have been well and truly winterised by life in Sweden and don't feel the cold any more

But the chatter is that fellow citizens are as uneasy as we all are.

Mother used to say we need a really cold winter to get rid of the bugs and to ensure a good rainy season....

We await anxiously to see if it's going to be El Nino or La Nina who surfaces for our coming rainy season.



Cash Paid (US$ or Rand) for militaria such as badges (metal or cloth), medals, stable belts, berets, plaques, webbing Etc....

I will be visiting Bulawayo From 8th July - 20 July 2023. If you are interested in selling, please contact me soonest, in order for me to organise a meeting with you.

I can be contacted at or via Whatsapp on +27 83 656 1342 .
Alternatively, please contact my relatives Gail (0772278644) & Gordon (0774681065) MacLean, Or my parents Cedric & Maureen Edwards on 0772570382