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Economics is a dirty word...... Why on earth Israel sold water canons to Zimbabwe is a question we have always asked ourselves.

Mind you, it will be interesting to see what will happen the next time the water cannons need to be used in Bulawayo.

Can you imagine the riot police running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to find water with which to fill the dreaded canons ???

They will rush like lunatics to the water canons only to find some enterprising policeman's wife has a hose pipe attached to the outlet pipe and she is doing the family washing...

And then when the canons are re-filled, the mean machines will rush off into the high density areas where there are a still a few brave activists, cannons blazing, can you just imagine the fracas?

The riot police will not know what has hit them, Not one single person will run away from the might of the brave custodians of the law of the country.

Instead there will be thousand of folk rushing TOWARDS the canons, anxiously trying to fill their buckets with the water from the canons......

On another subject entirely, I read an interesting article about how to rid you sponges and dish cleaning cloths of nasty bugs and bacteria.

I used to soak mine in bleach in order to rid them of bugs and nasties, but I believe if you microwave them for a couple of minutes, it will kill all known bacteria instantly. !!

Now with all the bugs and nasties racing around Bulawayo with our current horrendous water crisis, this little tip does not help those less fortunate in the community, as more than 90 percent of the population certainly does not own a microwave.

But there are some excellent, inexpensive and most effective tablets on the market I believe, that are used to sterilise water thus making it suitable for drinking.

Well if the fellows who sold the water canons to Zimbabwe, will make peace with us and try and get back into our good books, they can certainly send us a goodly free quantity of these sterilising tablets.!!

I will make it my personal task to disseminate tablets to the poor and needy in Zimbabwe in an effort to try and avoid the disastrous health consequences we are all expecting with our water crisis...