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PROTEA Hotels plan to build an "ultra modern' 144-bedroom hotel on the banks of the Zambezi River in a wild area opposite the world-renowned Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site.

The proposal to build the hotel in the Chiawa Game Management Area on the Zambian side of the river, has shocked tour operators and conservationists in the region, and has been slammed as 'totally inappropriate' for the area.

An advertisement has appeared in the Zambian newspapers asking for public comments and/or objections to on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) document for this development that has been submitted to the Environment Council of Zambia (ECZ) for approval. Submissions should reach the ECZ (see contact details below) NO LATER THAN 14th APRIL 2010

The Zambezi Society was first alerted to this through concerned Zambian tour operators and conservationists (not through the developers nor the consultant who completed the EIS).

We wish to make an informed submission on behalf of our membership by the due date and are therefore asking ALL concerned Zambezi Society members to write to us URGENTLY with your comments on this proposal by the end of March 2010.

A full copy of the Environmental Impact Statement for this hotel development can be downloaded from the internet at this link:

CAN I MAKE MY OWN SUBMISSION? IF SO - HOW? If you (or an organization that you represent) would like to submit a public comment or objection separately (or in addition) to that of The Zambezi Society, please feel free to do so. (e.g. The Lower Zambezi Tour Operators Association will be submitting separately on behalf of Mana Pools operators) Here's what you do:

Step 1: Register your interest IMMEDIATELY by sending a short e-mail asking to be registered 'as an interested and affected party' to the author of the EIS document, consultant Shadreck Nsongela copied to Protea Hotels Zambia Director Adam Leithbridge Make sure you ask for an acknowledgement by return of e-mail, and keep bugging them until you get one.

Step 2: Prepare your detailed comments and/or objections to the development and send before the 14th April 2010 by e-mail to: 1. The Manager, Inspectorate, Environmental Council of Zambia, and
2. Inspector, Chirundu Border Office, Environmental Council of Zambia,
Again, insist on an acknowledgement by return of e-mail.

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