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I think it is absolutely unreasonable of HeeHoo. In fact it smacks of all things miserly, one could even call it a pernicious streak!!

It also shows a total disregard of my mental well being, and he did not even give my suggestion a second thought!


I mean, just what would it cost to put a twenty-four hour security guard on my garden bed? Surely my mental stability is worth it?

The garden in question is the one outside the fence, bordering the driveway to our home. It has had a checkered career so far, that little garden bed.

It seems to be jinxed, possibly it a voodoo has been placed on it, or there is a tiny tokolosh lurking in the nearby bougainvillea. But whatever I plant in that bed disappears. Strange but true, I have lost several Ficus Benjamina shrubs, scores of petunia plants and several daisy bushes, to say nothing of the annual Iceberg Poppy crop!! Some rapscallion lives nearby and divests me of my plants with growing regularity!!

And so, as I plant my winter calendula seedlings with some misgivings, I am giving thought to their protection.

Seeing as I had my security proposition firmly squashed by HeeHoo, I have had to resort to other unscrupulous means. One idea is to firmly fix an obsolete video camera on the gate, and use a sign saying "Big Brother is watching You!!" or something more pertinent like "If you steal my seedlings your face will be shown on my CCTV above you"

I suppose it just shows how desperate things have become in Zim where the unemployment rate is possibly the worst in the world.

Sigh, I wonder how much he will charge me to buy the seedlings back at Bradfield next week?

Entrepreneurs!! Dontcha just love em????