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It takes a brave man to make a bed with a grumpy cat in it!!

She is only tiny, weighs probably under a kilogram, but that malevolent look she gives, if you dare to try and move her, is absolutely terrifying!!

In addition she is lying on my dressing gown, a pre-requisite for deigning to sleep with us on a cold winter's night. 'No dressing gown at the end of the bed? OK but if there is no gown I will lie on top of you for warmth!!'

So a perfunctory attempt is made at bed making, all the wile noting those beady yellow eyes and flattened ears that just DARE one to move Her Majesty.

And to add insult to injury, I am freezing without my gown!!

She is the last of our canine and feline offspring. One lone elderly black cat out of a brood of eight!! Four doggies ranging from a Great Dane to a Toy Pom, and four cats including two imported alley cats from Forth Worth !!

Against municipal byelaws the garden is a giant Pet Cemetery carrying the much-loved remains of a dynasty of dogs and cats....

As ancient as she is, she can still catch a good rat, depositing it of course on the pale ivory carpet that we installed when the last beloved Great Dane passed away and the offspring moved to greener climes.

Previously when the house was festooned with children and pets, all carpets and couches were childproof and animal-proof muddy brown floral, but now, in a fit of bravado, I have changed them all to ivory and antique lace!!

It's all a ploy really, turning the home into a cream and ivory palace, daring, tempting, beguiling, that mad man 'Sod' to turn me into a Granny!!

But now back to making that bed!!!!!