The Solitary Mosquito

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Lying on my bed last night, I was getting very annoyed by a solitary mosquito that was flying around looking at me greedily, when a news item on the BBC caught my eye.

It was a documentary on the Famine in the Sudan....

It was utterly horrifying. Now we all know there is famine and despair worldwide and it's convenient to turn a blind eye, but I was disgusted with myself for allowing myself to be annoyed by a mosquito, when these appalling things are happening under our noses.

Tiny, skeletal little people, noses, eyes and mouths encrusted with flies, and their poor mothers do not even have the strength to swat them away.
And I am bothered by a mosquito

I am not against wealth, if someone is capable of amassing a fortune, good for them, but it's the awful disparity of wealth that is so disturbing. How can people justify the hire of an entertainer for a couple of hours at a wedding, and pay them millions, when there is so much global poverty

Solution Lets donate to Medecins Sans Frontieres

Anybody can give, but we need more leadership.
We need more visionary philanthropists and global leaders who will take problems in human development and lead humanity to wipe them off the face of the planet.

Humanity has put people on the moon.
We've invented supercomputers that fit into our pockets and connect us with anybody on the planet.
We've run marathons at a five-minute mile pace.

We are an exceptional people.
But we've left more than one billion of our members behind.

Until every single child worldwide has been given the opportunity to earn his/her full human potential we have failed to become a truly moral and just human race.

If only we could start the world all over again