Noel Eric York - Boet - Mbokodo

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Some folk have called Boetie 'a Legend', many wonderful things have been said about this man over the past few days since his untimely death on Sunday.

I call him 'A Giant' not only in stature but in his manner, his life, his ethos.

Stricken with the most vile of cancers, Boetie fought like very few have fought this scourge, refusing to give in to its malignancy as there was always 'something to be done'.

Hailing from the vast Rosenfels/York dynasty in Matabeleland, life has been a series of skirmishes, confrontations, indeed full-on battles for its very existence.

But its reward has been a tight knit clan of decent, hard working folk who live life to the fullest and pay their way proudly in the community.He leaves a legacy to be proud of.

Yes, Boetie York will indeed be a legend, his strength of character, fortitude and fierce love for all those around him, will pave the way for countless Zimbabwe families, hopefully for many fine centuries in this country.