Holiday Souvenirs

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And so you're flying down to Africa tomorrow..
And ask me what you can bring me. What
Can I say..the sky is too wide to fit in your case,
I say, and The Falls will drench and drown you.
So please just sit out in the indigo night and stare
Full hard at the stars, turn dizzy as you scan
The Milky Way. Search for the Southern Cross, please,
And trace its path down the expanse of stars.
Listen for the birds that punctuate the bush,
That call and fly at day's end, and then bask
In the sunset, eyes closed and cheeks warm.
Memorise the animals - elephants, rhinos,
Zebra and giraffe, and those fleet antelope,
And bring them back in your mind for me.
All that will weigh nothing at all, cost nothing,
And yet be as valuable as all the world.

Liz Davies



Re: Invitation to support the Island Hospice & Healthcare Takkie Week
We are pleased to invite you to another edition of the Takkie Day Campaign for 2022. The campaign will run over a week, from Monday 23 May - Sunday 28 May. See attached flier.

Over the past 42 years, Island has evolved into a centre of excellence engaged in capacity building in the health sector as well as practice-led research activities.
These activities are supported by international donors but Island's core activity of providing palliative care to Zimbabweans, particularly the most vulnerable members of our society, relies on local support.
At Island, we believe that no man is an island and we do not turn away anyone who requires care regardless of race, creed, or background.
We are appealing to local organisations, corporates, and individuals to join us in this year's Takkie Week campaign and assist in meeting this unmet and growing need.
Please consider partnering with Island in the Takkie Week campaign by:
- Making a corporate or individual donation.
- Wearing your #Takkies4Island between 23 - 28 May 2022
- Adding some colour to your takkies with a pair of Island green and yellow shoelaces
- Buying a pair of branded Island Takkies. This is a limited edition and available on pre-orders only, for US$25 / pair
- Sharing your fun moments of #TakkieDay / #TakkieWeek / #Takkies4Island challenge on social media and tagging Island.
- Contacting us at Island Bulawayo to place your order for shoelaces or branded takkies and for donations on the following:
Tel: 0292277972
Cell: 0712845003

Looking for donations to purchase Mini Sewing Machines for the elderly widows and single mums for a community project that Nozizwe Mother Of Nations Trust is working on.

This will allow them to sustain them selves after training in making reusable sanitary wear and face masks for resale.

Each machine costs approx: U$20.
Please contact Heather +263774401601 or Iris Mhlanga +263772241552 ( if you would like to make a donation.