Bulawayo Rocks As The Jacarandas Bloom         - 18/9/2005      <--Prev : Next-->


Bulawayo was treated to some really rocking good fun on Thursday and Friday nights at the Bulawayo Theatre.

Ex Bulawegian Clint Cunningham and his excellent musical backing group, treated the Bulawayo Baby Boomers to a magical evening of music from Joe Cocker, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Bad Company & many more including the Best from Creedence Clearwater Revival.

There, as their musical backdrop, was the forest scene from The Teddy bears picnic, only in Bulawayo could this happen.

It was sheer delight to see a few hundred (some grey haired )rock n' roll fans foot stomping, waving and clapping, yelling and singing and dancing in the aisles ....

Just the tonic we needed for the country with the highest I.Q. in the world !! (I queue for fuel, I Queue for bread, I Queue for money !!)

After the show the parties went on till the small hours, one at the Bulawayo Theatre club where there was some excellent fun and dancing, one at Ivy league where there was an "after party" and one at Busters where Rudi Gouma and his talented men were entertaining the rest of Bulawayo's rock n' roll population.

Thank you to DSTV and Multichoice for this really great treat.

But of course nice things are happening this month ..... its Jacaranda time!!

My "social secretary" Tracey and I always have had a "Jacaranda Spotting Competition" and we spotted the first jacarandas within hours of each other before the end of August which is quite early. Traceys tree was in George Avenue outside the hockey stadium and mine was in Burns Drive near the Mater dei Hospital !!

But on a more gloomy note, not all is good when the jacarandas start to bloom, its bicycle time for both of us, no more driving around to see who can spot the first blooming jcarandas ...fuel on the black market today reached an all time high of $100,000 a litre !! That means roughly that we need $20,000 to drive one kilometre