First Night Home

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The view from the plane was exotic, verdant, green, lush, a product of a rainy season beyond all expectations.

I did not know whether to laugh or cry, 12 months away from the land of my birth The longest period I had ever been away from home....

The fact that our return home had been delayed due to aircraft malfunction was irrelevant, after all what is a 24 hour delay in Africa Our dear friend Lyn met us at the airport, we had expected a tussle with the Customs folk but they were absolutely charming and welcomed us with open arms!
The garden was magnificent, the welcome from our staff was tear jerking, and catching up with childhood friends was memorable....

The grocery shops were incredible, a vast array of beautifully fresh veggies, meat, milk, bread, everything including the kitchen sink!!

Being selfish I skirted the areas that would make me sad, that had to be saved for later, the potholes were wearisome but that makes the traffic more diligent which has its good points. I was sad about the rubbish dumping, but with a flash of brilliance, I thought of offering a substantial reward for people to report anyone seen dumping.....wonder what HeeHoo would say to that

Later on I found out the Wifi was working brilliantly, DSTV not so, but I don't get involved with that so left HeeHoo working his usual magic.. and then it was bath time. In Johns Creek we shower only! For a year I had been showering.. except for the occasional stay at a fancy hotel, and so I was anticipating my FIRST BATH, not even anticipating..salivating..girding my loins even... speculating...

After supper, I left HeeHoo tackling DSTV and headed for the bathroom that I personally had designed..full length tinted windows overlooking the beautiful garden..I ran the tap deliciously, deliriously, out gushed a quart of water....and then it stopped!!!!

Hmmm, 'African engineering
' Donning a towel I found a torch and headed for the water tank outside..what was that rustling sound
A born and bred Bush Girl!! Afraid of a rustle
Having Walked with the Lions, counted 600 elephant at close range on numerous Game Counts, followed Black Rhino on foot, I was baulking at a rustle
Too much pampering and mollycoddling in USA suburbia obviously...

Long story short, said tank was empty and pump had burnt out!! So no FIRST BATH tonight......but also no shower either....the water delivery situation in Bulawayo is very 'iffy' to say the least in spite of all the rain!! Looking at the positives, I reflected that many people in the world had never ever enjoyed the luxury of a bath, so stop whining I told myself!!

Ever resilient I turned down the bed and undid the mosquito net sides. Very trendy, I sewed it myself and the effect was pretty much that of an exotic Hwange Lodge. Trouble is, every speck of dust filtering into the house over the past 12 months had garnered on the pristine white mesh, turning it a dusty brown, and resulting in fits of sneezing that had the desired effect of blowing the mozzies away!!

Oh well, at least we still had electricity so all in all, it was a joyous homecoming.


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