Going Home

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Going home is going to be an adventure!! After our 'Covid 19 Exile' of just over a year, we are heading for home. I gather its not going to be quite like the travelling we were used to last year!!

For starters we have to have yet another Covid Test, my poor brain already has holes in it....No yummy food on the plane, 'Bring Your Own' is the order of the day, and don't count on finding on foodies in the airport, pack your sambos at home!!

When we came from Sweden in January, we had to 'sleepover' in Heathrow, courtesy of Covid, and that promised airport hotel turned out to be a metal bench in the concourse!! We bought a screw cap bottle of wine and a packet of nuts in the duty free in Stockholm, knowing nothing would be open in Heathrow, but we were too tired to even contemplate luke-warm sauvignon blanc!! Masks on the plane are of course obligatory, and there is no conning the crew by taking two hours to eat a packet of pretzels, masks on while chewing (almost) these days....

Our stopover hotel at the Dulles airport has no reception, one receives one's room number and room key on one's mobile!! No room service, no restaurant, hopefully those sambos won't be too dry by the time we find our beds!!

Hotels in the USA have also been interesting to say the least since the pandemic. No such thing as coming back from the beach to find new dry towels and clean bed linen!! Make your own bed and if you want dry towels come down to reception and collect some!! No reduction in price was noted though!!

This is all totally tongue in cheek you understand. The past year has been horrendous for countless of millions of people, how can I even complain about the towel thing when one has lost a parent or even two parents. It's all just trying to make light of an impossible situation instead of sitting down crying on my vaccination certificate!!


Iganyana Arts, at Painted Dog Conservation in Dete, is still looking for bright coloured Buttons.if you have 'leftovers' we can use them. Bits of yarns regardless if cotton, wool, poly as well as zippers and buttons, fabric scraps. We are developing more products for our local women and will make good use of your contributions.

Contact Agnes 0772 617782, for information about collection: email her at: agnes@painteddog.org,or davidk@painteddog.org


Cash Paid (US$ Or Rand) For Militaria Such As Badges (Metal Or Cloth),
Medals, Stable Belts, Berets, Plaques, Webbing Etc...
I Am Also Interested In Collectables Such As Tokens, Medallions, Railway Memorabilia Etc.

I Will Be Visiting Bulawayo From 31st March - 14th April 2021. If You Are Interested In Selling, Please Contact Me Soonest, In Order For Me To Organize A Meeting With You.

I Can Be Contacted At gre@absamail.co.za Or Via Whatsapp On +27 83656 1342. Alternativly Please Contact My Relatives Gail (0772278644) Gordon (0774681065) Maclean, Parents Cedric & Maureen Edwards (0772570382)