Christmas Lights

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I watched with some excitement, as the venerable and elderly Bulawayo Municipal Streetlight Hoist was tending to the Christmas lights along the Centenary Park in Leopold Takawira. Is it that time of year already

That glorious old hoist must be as revered as the Mayoral Car was in the olden days! Our new Mayor The Honourable David Coltart has declined a new mayoral car, bless his soul, the City has many other priorities. Our extraordinary and inspirational new mayor campaigned on his bicycle along with his lovely wife, and certainly has no time for the unnecessary trappings of stature and wealth.

Tiny hints of Christmas are already emerging in Bulawayo. The Orange Elephant in 12th Avenue has recently had its official Christmas Presentation, and the talented ladies of our precious town have transported us into a gloriously festive era with a plethora of brilliant brollies suspended magnificently and vibrantly across the shop entrance.

Simply Delicious, the coffee shop on Whitestone Way, is offering a glorious range of Christmas gifts and Lyn Rawlins, that incredible Christmas floral and decor specialist, is open by appointment.

Alfresco too in Hillside has divine Christmas Fayre!!

I already have my African Agave Christmas Trees drying nicely, almost time to be sprayed stark white, five of them safely in pots, (hope I have enough decorations for five!!!!)

Blue Headed Lizards Responses

Just to let you know that we have a number of blue headed lizards living on our Kenya Coffee Shade Tree in Suburbs. They provide us with hours of entertainment!
Jane Mc.

30 minutes ago I was in my office (Bulawayo Publicity Association) and there was a bit of a disturbance at the gate. I went out and a group of school children were looking at a Blue-headed Tree Agama (blue-headed lizard)
Right here in the centre of the city we have a small breeding colony of them. At this time of year the males develop a blue head. The females are plain in the breeding season. It's interesting as they breed on one side of the garden and when the female is ready she will cross over the front path to lay her eggs on the other side of the garden (Sex in the City!) The reason for this is because there is less shade on that side and the eggs, which she buries in the ground, need a certain temperature to hatch.
After a short talk about agamas with some of pupils of Queen Elizabeth Primary School I came inside and opened the latest email and there was your editorial about the blue-headed lizards!
Bruce McDonald



Just wanted to tell you my kids' book about insects - Goggas A collection of captivating creepy crawlies- is now available at The Orange Elephant in Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, possibly another outlet in Harare too. Paul Hubbard has helped me with this, he has been very supportive.