The Garden Grapevine

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Do you remember those glorious days when the Bulawayo Chronicle was delivered to the house at 6am daily HeeHooMustBeObeyed would sit at the breakfast table and peruse that glorious rag from front to back covers.

Martin Lee would write his column, was it called 'Cabbages and Kings' Michael Bullivant would critique the Bulawayo Theatre shows with his glorious and prodigious use of the English Language. Sandy Robertson, Ross Fairbairn and Geoffrey Nyarota were Editors at different times, that awe inspiring man the late Donald Henderson was a Sub Editor as was Ian Watson. Alistair Symes and Kevin Ricketts were news reporters while Herb Martin, Dave Chalmers, Glen Byrom and Hugh Eley were superb sportswriters. Hewitt Armstrong was managerial and the General Manager's secretary was an extraordinary lady Gladys Dinkie Wilson Chikwehwa always ready to lend a hand.

Of course I am only naming very few of the fabulous men and women who published the Bulawayo Chronicle over many years through thick and thin. The Chronicle is one of the oldest newspapers in Africa and was founded by the Argus Company of South Africa on 12 October 1894. One used to be able to visit the Chronicle Archives and photocopy articles and photos, I wonder if that facility still exists. It was a popular occupation to obtain a photocopy of the newspaper of the date upon which one was born, as a birthday gift....

However no need for a newspaper to be delivered to our house any more, the Garden Grapevine knows it all.

Our beloved gardener spends and inordinate amount of time keeping our verge pristine and consequently know every single thing that happens in Suburbs. Who died, who gave birth, who got robbed, what 'so and so' had for breakfast even!!

Jacaranda season is the most fun in the neighbourhood. Everyone is out on the verge sweeping up the fragrant purple Jacaranda petals, followed by Autumn when the tiny Jacaranda leaves drop in profusion. News spreads like wildfire then, and nothing of consequence is excluded from the loquacious Garden Grapevine.



Nozizwe in conjunction with the Mustard Seed Community have found more tiny mouths to feed. They have increased the number of hungry children by 300 with the establishment of a kitchen at Magobho.

Other scheme include Pumula 370 kiddies, Woodville 130 tiny people (plus 40 at the Mustard Seed Community Home,) Cabatsha 130 , and Ngozi mine 330 deserving little ones.

As far as school fees, Nozizwe's 'Adopt an Orphan' campaign has this term covered only 25 marginalised students out of 123.
A donation of $50.00 or the rtgs equivalent will pay for a term's fees.

email for more details oe WhatsApp +263 77 224 1552.