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I am going to blow wave the back of my hair tomorrow as I am going to be on "Trial" in court at Tredgold Buildings in Bulawayo.

Now I never blow wave the back of my hair, I cannot see the back of my head, so why should I waste precious time ?

All those many years as a television presenter and having to have my my hair done daily by Roy and Raymond Brassington (remember them ?) in their salon at Treger House, and now I hate blow waving my hair with a passion.

I know the configuration of Court Number One at Tredgold Buildings quite well now, having been remanded several times. I love the pomp and circumstance of a court, having had lawyers and magistrates in the family and having been on first name terms with Judges and Prosecutors and Clerks of the Court way back when.

Oh yes, we were a legal lot, and we had a healthy respect for the law because we were instrumental in important decisions that could affect peoples very lives.

Sadly things have changed, the pomp and circumstance is still there, we bow to the magistrate as we walk in and out of the court, we "all rise" at the appropriate time, we use the terms "your worship" and "your honour" as terms of absolute respect, but things have changed sorely and the country is hurting badly.

When one stands in the dock, the gallery can only see the back of the head of the "accused" !! (Dastardly criminal that she may be !!)

Very little can be heard as the microphones do not work, there is no stenographer so the magistrate has to write everything down in long hand, so its pretty tedious, and "trial" might not even take place as the magistrate could easily forget that he/she had to be in Balabala on that day !!

I hate to denigrate the courts as it is unwise to do so, many of the folk involved in the law are still wise and just and hope that things will return to normal in the legal system one day.

But if you would like to see the back of my hair nicely blow waved, please come and support me.....