The Humble Bar Of Soap

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The modern Ms., it would appear, does not offer a bar of soap in the bathroom, they prefer hand soap in a pump dispenser and even more popular is becoming the touch-less soap dispenser !

We were brought up on bar soap, when we were born there was very little in the ways of fats and oils as it all went to the war effort, brands like Swan and Ivory were made for babies but the rest of the Joe Soaps used to be subject to Lye Soap which was 'frugally sustainable'. Made from animal fats it did not only clean you, it took a good layer of skin off too. Carbolic Soap was another favourite, made from Carbolic Acid and an antiseptic, it sure took care of them germs!! Lard Soap, Milk Soap, Tallow Soap, Beeswax Soap, they all had their place.

Funnily enough there is a trend emerging today, where those in pursuit of pure sustainable health, have started to make Lye Soap and Carbolic Soap again.

As the hardships of the war faded somewhat soothing glycerine was introduced for the finer ladies and gentlemen. Pine Tar and Honey was much sought after and then there was of course - Pears!!
No self respecting mum would wash her family in anything other than Pears ! (If she could afford it.)

Since then a plethora of soap brands appeared. Lifebuoy soap was a favourite brand in our house, and if we used bad language, not only our bodies would be washed but our mouths would be washed out with it too!!

Mum's favourite soap when we were teenagers was Vinolia. A largish oval bar in a shade of light blue.

Dove, Lux, Aleppo, Dawn, and Camy all were becoming popular until the turn of the century when the Millenialls decided that bar soap was to be frowned upon. It stands to reason I suppose, 'who had been washing what' with that bar soap in the shower before you

Now the manufacturers are rubbing their hands in glee at this new product. The range of exquisite soaps in equally exquisite soap dispensers, has to be seen to be believed. The latest one in our bathroom is Gardenia - 'Foaming Shea Butter Hand Soap with the scent of gardenia and plum blossoms.'

Note to self - one seldom finds a hand soap dispenser that is refillable, so more plastic to watch out for in the burgeoning landfills.