A Salute to Berry Oosthuizen

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For as far back as I can remember, Berry either had a lead around her neck, grasped tightly in her hand or was looking for one.

Her love and understanding of our four legged friends obviously blossomed long before she entered my hemisphere and by then I was dating Barry Henderson who had just become a proud owner of Bismarck Khan. A wonderful natured German Shepherd who would go on to win trophies for Obedience.

Sunday gatherings at the club was where we eventually crossed paths and Berry's dedication in the same vein of obedience meant we would meet on Sundays and the training would commence with our small dedicated members each putting in 100% effort to either stewarding, marshalling, running the tea room, (I was good at that), and caring and preparing the grounds from start to end

Berry went from strength to strength and fast forward some years was suddenly managing the SPCA with formidable strength and under her hawk eyes has been instrumental in keeping alive a sanctuary dedicated to those without a voice.

Man's best friend and others.

Through challenging seasons, Berry has made the sun shine warmly upon the four legged patrons of the concern that she managed in an orderly fashion.

Their welfare always at the forefront of business. Dealing with financial hardship would not have been easy but Berry has always come up trumps and delivered the charter of looking after her 'children' and finding their forever home and then starting all over again.

Watching from across the oceans and following Berry's incredible journey has been a joy and a testimony of how good a human she is.

May she always have that same sun shine to warm her days as she takes her final bow.

To the one who gave a voice to those that didn't have.
Thank you from the entire Community.

Meg Henderson


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I came across your post on the internet that mentioned Kerrie and Ashleigh Duckworth.

I've been searching for their mother (Mrs Duckworth) that taught me at Filabusi Primary School (1982 to 1985) since 1996.

She did a lot for me, including transferring me to Milton Junior School as she was leaving Filabusi, and I would like to thank her and reminisce.

May you please pass on my details to her or the twins, and ask them to contact me. Just to jog her memory, I won the Merit Shield on my last day of school at Filabusi Primary School in 1985.


Thabo Ntuli
Mobile: +61 478 701 380