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Wednesday night in Bulawayo brought a tiny piece of sheer magic to
all. It was the gala night of the ballet "Beauty and the Beast" and 
after two hours of total ballet bliss the capacity audience left
theatre younger, stronger and brimming with delight.

Michelle Macmillan is one of Bulawayo's secret treasures. Whatever 
Michelle puts her hand to turns to magic and Beauty and the Beast
certainly no exception.

The magic began with elegant cocktails on the theatre stairs and in 
the delightfully decorated foyer. Another of Bulawayo's Secret 
weapons - Alliance Francaise de Bulawayo - undertook the superb 
catering and the Gala night patrons were treated to a wonderful 
gastronomic feast.

The evening's programme  was divided into two halves - Beauty and
Beast with so much really fine Bulawayo talent including Darnelle 
Sales, Mathius Julius from Harare, Memory Chamunorwa, Kelly Bentley 
and Paul Teasedale amongst many other delightful artistes.

The second half of the programme was an even more special treat as 
the Bulawayo Business community came up with some fabulous 
sponsorship to bring to our little city , Tracy Li and Daniel
both Senior Principals with the Cape Town City Ballet.

Tracey Li and Daniel Rajna performed some magical excerpts from 
traditional ballets interspersed with moments of glorious dance and 
choreography by Bulawayo and Harare's senior ballerinas.

It was spectacular, it was breathtaking, it was mesmerising.

Thank you Bulawayo Ballet Society and thank you Michelle for all
your  multitudinous talents for for this brilliant and triumphant success.