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I have been checking the weather for London and they tell me its going to have a heatwave next week!! Now every single time I have ever been to London in the summer I have ended up buying a jacket. My idea of heat and their idea of heat obviously differ!! Must be wishful thinking on their part I guess

The reason we are off to London is because SheWhoMustWearKevlar is graduating from King's College London with a Masters in War Studies!! Now I ask you with tears in my eyes, how did I get such willful daughters.

SheWhoMustRun has a degree in Biokinetics and Kinesiology, has run four Comrades Marathons and swum SOLO, the Rottnest Island Channel Swim. Now the the Rottnest Channel Swim is a 19.7km open water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island. Swimming amidst sharks and and Irukandji jellyfish!! These jellyfish are a type of deadly venomous box jellyfish. With an adult size of roughly a cubic centimetre, they are both one of the smallest and most venomous jellyfish in the world. They inhabit the marine waters of Australia. And is the size of a fly and weighs as much as pawpaw!!

SheWhoMustWearKevlar already has a degree in Fine Arts Musical Theatre and a degree in Journalism, and not content with that she, brand new baby in tow, decides on yet another degree.

Why could she not follow in Mother's footsteps and go the sewing, knitting and cooking route Nothing wrong with a Degree in Stitchcraft or the Culinary Arts is there

I tried, Lord knows I tried, to instill them both with qualities sought after in the marriage market. They both did 'O' Level cooking and both did a few terms of sewing with Mrs Rensburg!! I tried hard to instill in them a love for knitting, sewing and genteel board games. I showed them how to hand-write thank you cards, I gave them each a calligraphy set, I tied bows in their hair, sewed lace on their petticoats and encouraged them to play with Barbies !!

I would only allow them to listen to Angela Rippon on our ancient tape recorder so they did not attract any odd nuances and ugly inflections in the English language.

As they grew older I showed them how to walk with a book on their heads for proper posture, I spoke to them in a beautifully modulated voice, taught them all the correct mannerisms a young lady could possibly need in life. I taught them how to curtsey in case they were ever presented to the Queen!! I taught them the waltz, the cha cha and the fox trot!!

And this is how they repay me !!