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My friend Ali has had romantic dinners by candlelight for many years and not because of the power cuts either !!

Nowadays HeeHoo and I are getting into the candlelight dinner thing too, on a fairly regular basis !!

But unlike Ali's , our romantic dinners by candle light are because of the power cuts.......

It was quite fun the first 18 times, HeeHoo would arrive home to a sweet little wife in an apron, cooking enticing little items in the dark !!

Food tastes and looks good by candle light and since Charlie died I am only too grateful for the power cuts.

HeeHoo does not have a clue what he is eating. Appearance and presentation is half way towards titillating the taste buds they tell me !!

Fortunately I can disguise the burning smell with either the over powering smell of gas, or some discretely placed incense sticks !!

Now it started off as fun, it really did I promise you. In the beginning my eyes were better though, now I cannot SEE BY candlelight .... I need those 75 watt bulbs, I need those "bad for you" fluorescent lights. !!

Imagine trying to fry a steak by candle light, especially the new sort of Zimbabwe steak that was probably hung in a tree in the full force of a Zimbabwe October sun !!

NOTHING on Gods earth can make it tender, absolutely nothing, I have tried everything.. ... Marinades, paw paw leaves, letting it "mature" or "hang" in the fridge for two weeks.

Bollocks, it just makes the meat taste rotten ... Mind you thats probably because the fridge has been off for ten hours out of the last twenty four hours !!

I am not complaining mind you, I am remaining positive, I will be positive, I AM positive. Darn it, I am the most positive person in the world ... trust me ... Grrrr

But back to those romantic candle light dinners, of course it would have made it more romantic if HeeHoo had actually been there, but the sensible man had stayed at the office where they have power cuts in the mornings but the fridges are cool again by five PM ....

And so its me and the doggies again, Picture the sweet little scenario .. four cats and four dogs to trip over by candlelight ... four cats and four dogs staring at me adoringly while I burn HeeHoo's dinner. (Oh yes, it is a good question, why is it not HeeHoo sitting there staring at me adoringly ?)

Maybe he stops for a secret burger on his way home to avoid eating my suppers ?

I wonder if he will taste the hot candle wax I dropped in the salad ? I wonder if he will notice the burn ointment is liberally spread all over my left arm ?

Cooking with gas" was a favorite expression on one particular gas commercial, it certainly has its advantages, instant heat, regular heat, but the gilt just wore off the gas gingerbread !!

"Thank goodness you have gas" my "positive " side cautions me .... I am tired of being reprimanded by my positive side ... My negative side is looking rebellious right now. Besides the candle light attracts the mozzies but I have that problem very nicely sorted out !!

After a certain age, one is unable to see the mozzies OR hear them .... oh yes, the only time I know there are mozzies around is when I start to scratch. Mind you having HeeHoo around is great because the mozzies prefer his royal blue blood to mine !!

Music can be provided by the laptop, I have a great collection of music on i Tunes !! And my battery is amazing, I can out last a four hour power cut !! But thats my limit !! The eyes are too dim for reading by candlelight and so to bed !!

HeeHee ...... if HeeHoo does not get back from the office soon his burnt dinner will be cold, or conversely I can leave a note on the warming drawer (Your dinner is in the Dog !! )

Romantic dinner by candlelight ? Snifffff ............