Motherhood is Like Kevlar          - 23/8/2016      <--Prev : Next-->

Our youngest daughter - She Who Must Wear Kevlar - gave birth to a Baby Boy on my birthday last week, it was a life changing day!

Strange to think I will now share my remaining birthdays with this Tiny Tenacious Little Neonate!!

Named Lincoln Richard, his father immediately named him a little 'terrorist', as he already, at one week old, has mastered the art of subjecting the entire family to his whims!!

Is it age or just faded memories that has made this birth so special Watching one's own daughter in the throes of labour and delivery is not for the faint hearted, and I quickly remembered that motherhood and birth can only be undertaken by those women who have an inner lining of kevlar.

We saw gigantic courage, strength and fortitude from both Mother and Son. Moments to be treasured forever.

The miracle of birth is indeed just that, a splendid, magical blessing that astounds ones senses and makes one realize that there is indeed a God. This little masterpiece who emerged triumphantly into the world with very little grace and dignity, confounded us all and bought giant men to tears.

How proud we were of our spunky tiny daughter and her fine husband for coercing little Lincoln Richard into the world.

Granny and Grandpa are in their element, we have waited an inordinate amount of time for our first grandchild!! How quickly those old lullaby and nursery rhymes come flooding back. Lincoln seems to be particularly soothed by the beautiful lullaby Tula Tula Tula Baba, although it does not quite sound as good as the Miriam Makeba version.

Thank you God for this miracle.