Morning Mirror Edition 285 - 21/4/2008

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Mags is out on bail

As many of you would have heard by now Mags was released on Tuesday on bail. At this stage they have seized her travel documents and she is confined to our home in Bulawayo. We are hoping to get a relaxation on the bail order when she comes before the courts tomorrow (Tuesday). In fact we are hoping that the case will be dropped as it is not an offence to practice journalism in Zimbabwe and in the cases against assorted foreign journalists in Harare the attorney General has declined to prosecute.

Margaret is in good spirits and has been completely overwhelmed by the incredible show of support from all her readers around the world, and from her friends here at home and abroad. At this stage she is not feeling up to communicating herself but has asked me to convey her heartfelt thanks to you all for your support, e-mails and good wishes.

She also feels extremely complimented by the fact that we believe her arrest was largely as a result of confusion by the Zimbabwe State Authorities who could not decide whether she was the Sky correspondent Emma Hurd or our free lancing risk taking 24 year old daughter! Both of whom are now safely out of the country.

She was however a little peeved by my reference to her as a '60 year old', when in fact she is only 59 and three quarters! She has asked me to correct this misconception!

All things being well I am sure that Mags will be writing again by the end of this week.

Thank you all again for your support.

Rick Kriel
rickkriel @ mac. com