Recycling Pains

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Recycling in Zimbabwe is so very different to that in the first world..
No-one divides glass, plastic, paper etc, it all gets put into the same bin on the verge (or sometimes dumped in the nearest bush!!) on garbage day.

Along come dozens of Zimbabwe's 'Forgotten People', the countless destitutes, young, old, male, female, some even with babies on their backs, the remnants of Zimbabwe's desperate economy..

Everything edible, everything of value, is salvaged. Cardboard boxes are prized to make shelter for the homeless, plastic bottles can be surrendered for a pittance, glass too is valuable as it is redeemable.
It is a heartbreaking but all too common sight on bin day in Zimbabwe.

Sweden has just the opposite in the recyclable department!! Every household is tasked with separating its waste and physically taking it to the enormous green recycling bins that festoon every roadway.

Its a daunting task, visiting the atervinningstunna!! Fortunately one can park one's car close by, boxes must be flattened as the aperture to pass the cardboard through is tiny!! Bottles must be disposed of one-by-one, its a horrifying sound, that of breaking glass, and no throwing a whole bag in at a time!! (Even if you need to do it hastily to avoid askance looks from other recyclers, as to the copious amount of wine bottles in our packets!! )

Clear glass in one container, coloured glass in another, tins and lids in another, aluminium in yet another!! A bin for plastic, a bin for paper and a bin for used clothes collection.

It's a dreary and time consuming task and woe betide the folk who put their recyclables in the wrong bin, THEY will track you down and fine you!!


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