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Have you ever heard the term 'gibbous moon', and wondered what it means?

A gibbous moon is one of the phases of the Moon, when the size of the illuminated portion is greater than half but not a full Moon.

Well last week we took the liberty of renaming it "Gibberish Moon"

HeeHoo does tend to get fixated with things! Apparently his geography teacher was not as good as mine and several months ago he decided to find out exactly why the moon behaves as it does!!

Consequently he gets up at all hours of the night to see what the moon is doing......

I do get nervous when he gets "bees in his bonnet" the last Bee was to climb to Base Camp at Everest!! Hopefully his preoccupation with the Moon will not result in a trip there one day....

The house is now festooned with lunar manuals, his iPad is full of moon phase data, his iPod is full of apps of harvest moons, new moons, waxing gibbous moons, super moons etc etc etc

Because he is a "Mac Man" however he refuse to get any android apps and it's only once in a blue moon that he gets bored with his curious quests!

What better place to watch the full moon, than from the deck of the Sabi Star houseboat on Lake Kariba? Sleeping on the deck, under the magnificent Milky Way, the moon was omnipotent, gazing down in all its luminous silver glory from every angle!!

The Southern Cross tried its best to take some credit, but failed with the splendor of the Phoebe's lunar magic. As Thomas Hardy once said "Her meditative misty head was spectral in its air"

Our dear friends P.J. and Debs were with us, and being of Irish descent, they were more than happy to join in with our Lunar Laments....

Of course suitably imbibed with "moonshine", and not a cloud in the winter sky, HeeHoo waxed lyrical about his new and glorious hobby - "Moon watching" and we all learnt a lot about the "Gibberish Moon"

"Merely to know
The flawless moon dwells pure
In the human heart
Is to find the Darkness of the night
Vanished under clearing skies."

Let us all pray that before the next gibbous moon, peace and prosperity will return to Zimbabwe once again.