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'Find my iPhone' is undoubtedly one of the most incredible iPhone 'apps' ever!!

We have made use of Apple's excellent app several times. Once when HeeHoo left his phones on top of his car, once when some dastardly fellow purloined HeeHoo's phone from his pocket in the crush at Beitbridge Border Post, and several times around the house. 'Find my iPhone' is a brilliant innovation where, using another apple device, one can locate ones iPhone or computer when misplaced.

We took a divine week at a magnificent villa on the the glorious Eden Island, one of the Seychelles chain. (One can justify these extravagant holidays when one spends most of one's time in Addis Ababa!!)

The Island experience was glorious, undoubtedly the best island we have so far visited, but my trusty hand luggage, which has carried me around the world, suddenly vanished somewhere between the airport and the villa!!

Now this was a national disaster as it not only contained my computer, two iPhones, my best beach hat, and an assortment of necessary island equipment, but it also contained my weeks supply of Granny pills!! Now to replace my pills, prescribed and obtained in Atlanta, was going to be no mean feat, apart from the other precious items.

Fortunately the pharmacist on the island was sympathetic to my plight, but when HeeHoo activated 'Find my iPhone' very little happened.

The scenarios were endless, stolen at the airport left in the taxi left on the villa golf cart

We scoured the lost property at the island management services, and at the airport, we visited the police post, we toured the Lost Luggage. We went as far as requesting a look at the CCTV footage, and then miraculously, Find My iPhone sprung into action!! There it was merrily showing a signal, not 500 metres from our villa, in someone else's villa!!

My son in law, who is in the security field, sprung onto the golf cart and followed the iPhone map to the offending villa which was occupied by a bevy of beautiful people from Dubai. They had picked up my hand luggage by mistake and no-one knew whose it was so they just loftily ignored it in the corner of the elegantly appointed living room.

Untouched and unloved it came home to Mamma!! Thank you to Steve Jobs and 'Find my iPhone'!!

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