The Sacred "Snooze Button"          - 13/5/2014      <--Prev : Next-->

The aspect of my phone I dislike the most is the alarm clock.

It doesn't matter how many tunes HeeHoo puts on my phone, I hate them all when used in the alarm clock mode!!

Possibly my favorite tune to wake up to is the idyllic 'harpsichord' but I even hate that when it is five am in the morning!!

Nothing, nothing, nothing can make me feel chirpy at five am and the only possible solace is the 'snooze button'.

Eight minutes of 'snooze button snuggles' is all I need to make myself feel human at five am, but sadly HeeHoo is one of those insane creatures whose feet hit the ground running, the moment the alarm sounds.

I keep reminding HeeHoo that there was an article in the Wall Street Journal recently entitled 'Why You Actually Should Hit The Snooze Button," and the same article suggests an extra eight minutes of sleep can help certain types of people to "gently awaken the mind."

My phone has the ability to allow for four or five consecutive 'snooze alarms' but I really only need the obligatory eight minuter!!

Getting out of a warm bed in winter is never easy and although the 'snooze button' does not make it any easier, it surely makes one appreciate ones duvet!!

Five am is a little drastic in winter I must confess but it is the only time that some folk have to undertake their daily exercise, and even in the pitch dark, a Man Must Walk it would appear.......

Oftentimes we only have the moon to light the way and sometimes the Heuglins Robins have not even woken up.... it really is tortuous to a snoozer like myself.

It was a lot easier when we had an old fashioned alarm clock, whereby one could actually slap the snooze button off with venom! It somehow made one feel a tiny bit better. But with a phone the slapping of the snooze button is a little more technical.

The Harpsichord sound may be beautiful, but sometimes HeeHoo substitutes it with the sound of a freight train rushing through the room. He doesn't do it very often, as some wives can have a serious sense of humor failure at that sort of prank....

The book says that the urge to sleep longer actually boils down to chronic sleep deprivation( defined as six or fewer hours of sleep a night) The buzz word for 2014 calls it 'social jet lag' Now its highly unlikely that an ancient old doddering couple like us, would suffer from 'social jet lag' but it is rather a trendy syndrome to confess to is it not?

There are however some quick tips to make one overcome the snooze button addiction. Firstly experts say put the alarm clock or phone out of reach, forcing you to get out of bed and go to locate it.

Secondly one can get one of those coffee percolators that switches on ten minutes before the alarm, so that a tantalizing coffee smell invades your space, coffee I as one well knows, acts as a powerful stimulant to one's brain and nervous system.

Then of course there is The Clocky - he Clocky is a unique alarm clock that forces you to get out of bed whether you like it or not and Clocky is the ideal gadget to help you quit your snooze habit.

When the alarm goes off, a little creature jumps off your bedside table and starts running around the room making cute but annoying noises along the way. Clocky runs on carpet and hard floors, and sets off in a random direction every time.

I think I shall buy HeeHoo one for Christmas......