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Last week my dearest friend Maggie James became a grandmother, exactly three months after I did!!

She must have knitted two dozen tiny wee jerseys for her own Grandson and for mine!! Yes we both had Grandsons, hers is Benjamin James and mine is Lincoln Richard.
But the coincidences do not stop there.

They all started in 1948 when Maggie and I were born (three months apart) in Bulawayo so many glorious years ago! We attended the same school, learned in the same classrooms at Eveline High school, her Mom had a Morry, my Mom had a Morry !!

We did not look alike however, I was small and fair and Maggie was taller and had thick dark hair that she wore in a plait. The plait was so long she could sit on it - the envy of every girl in the school!!

And then at the age of thirty three we each had a daughter (three months apart of course)
My daughter called Robyn and her daughter Catherine.

Our daughters were both thirty three when they bore their sons!!
The very sad thing is that Maggie lives in Bristol, and I live wherever my Grandson takes me which is many thousands of miles away from Maggie....

Zimbabwean dynasties, so sad that we are all Scatterings due to circumstance, but that heavens that with e mail, WhatsApp and Skype, we are all really quite close together.