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The ZBC Licence teams are out in full force in most of Bulawayo's suburbs at the moment. An 77 year old in Ilanda was asked this week, by a young female official who came to the gate, how old she was. The lady had already bought a licence and produced it, only to be told that " people over 75 are exempt, " but there would probably not be any refund".

A Morningside resident did not have a licence when the inspector arrived, and after being duly chastised she was issued with a warning ticket. She hurriedly purchased one at the Post Office and took it to the Hillside Police Station where she was fined US$20 on top of the cost of the license.

She later went to the Montrose ZTV Studios where she filled in an exemption form and it was sent to Harare, though she was told there would be no refund.

Another "avid watcher of ZTV" went to get a licence at Hillside Post Office and she asked about the exemption. She was told that there is no such thing - literally " you will have to pay until you die ! "

An elderly male pensioner living near Greenvale Shopping Centre was also told by two male officials that he was exempt, but an older female living two doors away was told there was no exemption. Does anyone know the correct facts?

Who decided that 75 is the exemption age? surely 65 is more realistic, bearing in mind what the life expectancy rates are in Zimbabwe ...

I hope that more people will also air their views on this topic ! To watch ZTV is an impossibility, the picture is hazy and the sound quality is shocking.

To listen to ZBC on the radio is a trial - the sound is appalling - I tried to listen to a bit of the live golf commentary during the Zimbabwe Open Golf Championships in Harare and it was an absolute embarrassment.

Come on ZBC/TV pull your socks up, you used to be one of the finest radio and Television stations in Africa

AN AVID ZTV VIEWER !! (?) Hillside